Daily Sightseeing & Tour Planning

Upon checking in to our hotel, we assist our guests in creating tour and activity plans for their stay by working together on a map of the region. We’re delighted to help you discover the diverse sceneries and historical treasures of the area.

Recommended 3-Day Tour Itineraries

Below, you’ll find the most popular 3-day tour routes that we suggest in Cappadocia.

1st Day – Regional Tour:

  • Imagination Valley
  • Zelve Valley
  • Paşabağları Fairy Chimneys
  • Çavuşin
  • Göreme Open Air Museum
  • Uçhisar Castle
  • Pigeon Valley

2nd Day – Ihlara Valley:

  • One of the Underground Cities (Kaymaklı or Derinkuyu)
  • Hike in Ihlara Valley
  • Belisırma Village
  • Selime Monastery
  • Ağzıkarahan Caravanserai

3rd Day – Ancient Greek Villages:

  • Soğanlı Village
  • Sobesos Roman Mosaic Ruins
  • Keşlik Monastery
  • Mustafapaşa village (also known as Sinasos)

Exploring Cappadocia:

Cappadocia spans about 60 square kilometers and is filled with valleys, villages, historical sites, and stunning scenery. To make the most of your exploration, having a vehicle is necessary.

1. Daily Taxi Rental: Regular taxis or Minivan taxi vehicles

The taxi driver will bring you to the designated spots and wait as you explore each one. This flexible option allows you to discover these locations at your own pace, without adhering to a strict schedule, before proceeding to the next destination. It’s a favored and enjoyable choice, especially for guests who don’t have their own transport. Pricing varies depending on the routes. Museum entrance fees and meals are your responsibility. While the driver won’t accompany you inside the museums, if you’re interested in historical insights about the sights, you can rent headphones or hire a local guide at the entrance of certain open-air museums or underground cities.

2. Car Rental:

There are several car rental companies in the area. You can choose to have the car delivered to either the airport or our hotel. A representative from the rental company will drop off the car at the hotel on the scheduled date and time. Once your rental is complete, they will pick up the car from the hotel.

3. Guided Group Tours:

Numerous travel agencies in the region offer organized guided group tours. These tours gather guests from various hotels to create groups of 15-20 people for exploring the area.

4. Private Guided Tours:

Size özel tahsis edilmiş bir rehber ile bölgeyi gezebilirsiniz. You can explore the region with a dedicated private guide. The guide will provide you with detailed information about the area, and you can also have a designated taxi or vehicle with a driver for your tour.

In addition to the standard tours, there are many valley hikes and activities available in the region. When you arrive at our hotel, we can discuss the most suitable tour program for you based on the area map.

Let’s discuss the best option for you.

We’re happy to assist you with the information you need about the places you’ll be visiting in the region. If you would like more information about tours and activities, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form below.


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