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Located in the heart of Cappadocia, our journey began in 2011 when we transformed 8 ancient rock-carved houses into 17 cozy cave rooms and suites at Hezen Cave Hotel. Discover our enchanting retreat where modern comfort harmonizes with the area’s cultural heritage.

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Combining Restoration and Design

At Hezen Cave Hotel, we embarked on a journey to preserve the millennia-old history of our region. Each room tells a unique story, as we have meticulously restored and preserved the original cave structure while infusing eclectic and modern elements into our design, creating an innovative ambiance with vibrant colors.

Serenity of Cave Rooms

“A night spent in a cave room is more rejuvenating than a week amidst concrete walls.” The natural formation of our cave rooms provides an unparalleled tranquility. With the rock’s hushed silence and even its ability to block electromagnetic waves, sleeping in our cave rooms offers a distinctive and profoundly relaxing experience.

Terraces with Breathtaking View

Perched in the elevated side of Ortahisar village, our hotel’s terraces offer a panoramic view of the ancient Ortahisar Castle and the picturesque Balkandere Valley. ​​Experience the peaceful atmosphere of the village while enjoying the breathtaking view of Cappadocia.

Boutique Experience

We love Cappadocia and want to share that with you. Our team is here to offer personalized care, advice, and recommendations to ensure you have an amazing time in Cappadocia. We are committed to bring you with a boutique experience of tranquility and the comfort of home.

Delightful Breakfast

Our aim is to provide our guests with the highest-quality breakfast experience. We prefer locally-sourced natural foods, offering an expansive breakfast selection that mirrors the richness of Turkish cuisine. In addition to our extensive breakfast open buffet, we serve a range of offerings, including a wide selection of eggs and omelets, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a variety of homemade savory and sweet pastries.

Caring for Nature

We’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact, preserving nature and the environment. We have chosen to design our bathrooms thoughtfully. Choosing showers and hamam inspired baths instead of water intensive jacuzzis, bathtubs or pools, we actively reduce water consumption. We also use solar panels as much as possible for heating water.

Atmosphere of Home Comfort

When you choose our hotel, you’re opting for a personalized experience. Unlike larger hotels, our primary focus isn’t just profit. We strive to create a homely atmosphere, and, much like a home, most of our services come at no extra cost: Wi-Fi, parking, laundry, water, tea, and coffee. Our honesty-based drinks room offers reasonably priced alcoholic beverages.

We’re here to welcome you as a dear friend, not just a guest.


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